Farm Happenings
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A Farmer’s Daughter

You could call me a farm girl, but honestly if you met me on the street you would never guess. I suppose you could call me a girly, cheese making, fashion loving, farm girl. I’ve worn farm boots for the majority of my life, but you had better believe they were a rainbow colors and patterns! In my family, farming is about working hard to take care of what God has entrusted to you… but no one said you couldn’t have a little fun! My love and respect for farming and the people who name it as their profession will always run deep, and honestly, once a farm girl, always a farm girl.

Growing up on a farm is a life full of exploring, learning, and lots of good old fashion hard work. As soon as my parents decided we could handle it, my siblings and I were eased into a work ethic each of us have carried into our “grown up” lives.

Kids 4 These are my siblings! As you can see we LOVE getting our photos taken! My oldest brother currently works along side my dad on the farm, while my younger sister is doing what I once did in the cheese room! The other brother is working elsewhere, but not before he put in his time in both the cheese room and the farm 😉

Work in the cheese plant started as a hobby for me. Picture a painfully shy little white blonde 5 year old, poking her head through the door in the early morning hours to ask her daddy if she can help put lids on the Quark. Even though I am 100% sure I was more in the way than an actual help, I was having the time of my life spending time with my Pake (Grandpa), my Dad and Uncle. At the ripe old age of 11 work became more official. My responsibilities included making boxes, putting stickers on the packaged cheese and if I was really lucky, pricing the cheese (that was the best because I could go fast!). Eventually I would graduate to getting my pasteurization and milk testing licenses, allowing me to make cheese from start to finish.

Workin Here I am rockin’ a hairnet in the middle of the Cheddaring process!

All in all, I worked with my Uncle making cheese for 10 years before our new store opened and I traded in my boots and hairnet for a cute apron with my name stitched on it. No one told me the new position would include writing this blog, but hey, it’s for the family right? 😉

I genuinely hope you enjoy these peaks into our family’s life and maybe learn a few things along the way! At least try the recipes, cheese makes everything so much better!

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Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and I am a home grown, cheese making, coffee loving, daughter of a farmer! We hope you enjoy these little snapshots into our families and what we love to do!


  1. Shyla says

    i love it, it’s awesome way to know the local Farmers, and wonderful neighbors.


  2. Mary Ann Gross says

    I love your blog Elizabeth, Keep up the good work. Love Grandma G.


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