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Our Jersey Girls!

At it’s founding, Appel Farms was a strictly Holstein (the black and white cows) farm, but every once in a while we would end up with a baby jersey from some where and it would immediately become the favorite pet. My sister had a particularly small one she named Bambi due to her small stature and wobbly legs. Jersey calves are probably the cutest things you have ever seen. Small, soft, and milky brown with spunky personalities that suck you in before you even know what hit you. Just look at those big brown eyes! Are you in love yet?

Princess Jersey

In the past few years, we have adjusted our herd to roughly two-thirds Jersey and one-third Holstein. Just like our human loved ones, these bovines come with personality quirks you learn to love. For Jersey’s it’s their love affair with their tongues. They’re just like girls when you take photos. “You’re taking a photo? Hold on a sec, let me fix my hair!” or in this case, “Let me stick my tongue out!”  Jersey girls sure know how to work a camera!


Then there are the “Twinning” shots.


And no. They do not grow out of it.



All these photos are courtesy of one of our wonderful employees, Erica DeWaard. She must know how to bring out the best in them! Or maybe she has a secret…

Jersey Coffee

Yes. Our mocha’s are that good!

Stay tuned next week for a guest blog by Erica where she takes you through her typical day as half of the father/daughter team who cares for our calves!

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  1. Mary Ann Gross says

    I am enjoying the blogs they are very interesting & informative. Thank you for sharing farm life.
    Mary Ann


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