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Grown up bumper cars.

It’s fair week!

NWWFair 156

The Northwest Washington Fair is the main event of the summer here in Lynden. If you are not planning on going to the fair, it may be a wise idea to avoid the main drag. Here you will find many a parent herding their enthusiastic children towards the main gates. Lynden is pretty “country” but let me tell ya, this is about as country as we get!

NWWFair 157

As children, this was a yearly tradition not to be missed! Entering through those gates while strapping a paper carnival bracelet to our wrists was a moment of realization. The pinnacle of summer was here!


NWWFair 052

Where else could you ride ‘round a carousel, sip lemonade from a gigantic cup, or enjoy the fragrant scents wafting from the dairy barns? How often could you have a mountain of fresh curly fries for lunch followed by a Seahawks snow cone for dessert?



And let’s be honest, the long line for the bummer cars was totally worth it. Nothing better than smacking your brothers around in miniature cars attached to the ceiling, am I right?

Monday nights at the fair always feature the grown up version of bumper cars. Otherwise known as the Demolition Derby! The engine roar can be heard for miles around as cars, trucks, and other vehicles kick up clouds dust while metal crunches and tires go flying.

Demo Derby 2014-202

Throughout the event, it’s guaranteed you’re going to hear the deafening train horn sound to get the drivers attention. Sometimes the local fire department has to spring into action to put out spurting flames from an overworked car. Crowds hoot ‘n holler for their favorite as beautifully painted cars parade past on their way to the arena. The noise then grows to a dull roar as the horn sounds and those same cars ram into each other at full speeds.

Demo Derby 2014-147

This year both of my brothers participated in the derby, so of course the whole family was in attendance! Besides driving a truck around and smashing other trucks, my older brother (Chris) also jumped a cab-over. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term (because I was!), a cab-over is a two and a half ton vehicle with the body style of a truck, a flat face, and a long trailer bed. Not only did he jump this rather large vehicle, but he did it pulling a camping trailer! AND to give my mother more of a heart attack, my younger brother jumped a Taurus first, drove around, parked under the blocks, and Chris jumped the whole thing over the car! I honestly thought there was no way that huge truck (much less the trailer behind it) would make it over, but it did!image image image image

My family ladies and gentlemen.

At the end of fair week, the carnival will clear out and the animals will go home. All that will be left of the derby will be the cars sprinkled throughout the county, proudly showing off their crunched condition. The fair will continue to come into town every year, a little different but mostly the same. New memories will be made after the whiplash of the demo has faded and the smoke has cleared. And I can’t wait!


  1. Marcia Goodall says

    You entice me to drive up from Seattle!! Love fairs, and Puyallup is so large. Monroe, too.


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