Farm Happenings
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The ol’ Farm Dog

It’s rare to find a farm without a dog or two. With its companionship and never ending energy, a good ol’ farm dog completes a farm. It’s quite common around here to see my dad or brothers going from place to place in the farm truck. Riding along with them pretty consistently is Bella, my brothers Chesapeake Bay. With her brown curly hair and her gentle nature, she has made the perfect company as Chris goes about his work.

Bella & Cali

Bella joined the family a few years after Cali, so Cali wasn’t quite sure what to think of this little pup coming into her territory!

Bella the Babysitter

What goes around comes around! This is Bella with a couple of Cali’s pups earlier this summer. She also didn’t know quite what to think! 😉

Over the years we have had a few farm dogs. Taz was the one all the kids grew up with, our protector when we were small. One of the benefits of growing up on a farm was all the land you got to explore, but if we’re being truthful, our parents couldn’t exactly come with us all the time. They knew as long as we had an older sibling as well as a dog along, they would protect us. As a result, these dogs have always held a treasured place in our family.

Katherine and Pup

Cali is my sisters golden retriever. While she is less of a farm dog she has almost become a “cheese room dog”. Don’t worry she is nowhere near the cheese (very unsanitary), but she often waits outside the employee door for Katherine or sits below the window where she stickers the Paneer.


This past summer Cali had a littler of pups! Because everyone’s day is made better with adorable puppy photos, here you go! Your daily dose of cuteness!

Little Pups


TailPup 2

Pup Play

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  1. OldCountryGirl says

    Such a cute post! I did read it together with my 21 month old girl. She loved the pictures. We also have a dog, a 7 year old English Bulldog. He`s her best friend, but I think if she could decide we would have many, many more dogs. I think, I would not mind either!


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