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How do cows make milk?



This may seem like a silly question to some of you farm people, but we get this question in the store fairly often. While farming was once a common career in the United States, less than 1% claim farming as an occupation. As the general public grows farther and farther away from its roots, we find they become curious about where their food is coming from. As they should! One of our goals in starting this blog was to give our customers a place to find the answers to their questions. So here we go!

Jubilee- 3 days

These are all photos of the same calf as she gets older. Jubilee is only 3 days old in the top photo, here she is 1 month!

In order for a cow to produce milk, she must first give birth to a baby calf. Our cows usually give birth for the first time around the age of 2 years. Then after they have given birth to an adorable little one, they produce milk.

Jubilee- 3 Months

This is Jubilee at 3 months, having too much fun to get a clear photo of!

After a cow has her first calf, she is able to produce milk for about a year. During this year she is bred again, and produces milk up until she goes on “maternity leave” for the last 3 months of her pregnancy. During this time period these cows are kept in a special area of the barn where they can be pampered and watched a little more closely to ensure they have everything they need grow to a healthy calf.

Jubilee- 5 and 6 Months

This is Jubilee and her buddy Skipper at 5 months (top) and 6 months (bottom).

We have detailed systems to keep track of every one of our cows and their needs. My dad, brother, and the rest of the crew are highly trained in observing the cows, seeing their needs, and taking care of them in the best way possible. From custom diets to sanitary bedding, the cows are taken care of like they’re family. Because they are.


These tag “earrings” are basically like a social security number for a cow. Every one is different, and every number is referenced for all kinds of information on what that specific cow needs.

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Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and I am a home grown, cheese making, coffee loving, daughter of a farmer! We hope you enjoy these little snapshots into our families and what we love to do!

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