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Cheese Weasel Day

Cheese Weasel Day

Cheese Weasel Day is the day to show some cheesy love to your tech support.  These are the wonderful people who pick you up when your computer crashes and clear up the mess when your nephew “fixes” your home network.  They valiantly fight worms and viruses, clean the dust bunnies out of your hard drive, and keep you happily surfing through your lunch hour at work (I won’t tell the boss if you don’t).

Legend has it that Cheese Weasel Day began when someone saw a weasel running through a park carrying a slice of American cheese … and invented a holiday to go with the critter.  Cheese Weasel Day has it’s own WEBSITE, STUFF TO BUY, and yes, even a THEME SONG.


I’m pretty sure that the Cheese Weasel will be visiting our tech support on Monday, April 4th  (since the 3rd is Sunday).

POS ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE:  Cliff and Larry from Infotouch POS Software Systems!

SECURITY AND AUDIO SYSTEMS: Doug and Joel with Blueprint Audio Visual!

INTERNET AND WIFI:  Mark and Ben with On the Wire Consulting!
 I want to give a special thanks to Ben for clearing up the  2015 Windows 10 database fiasco.  He spent three days cleaning up the security mess made by the transition to Windows 10.




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