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In Times of War. Part I

In Times of War. Part I. A glimpse into a 9 year old Audrey’s (our Beppe) recollections of the day her country went to war.

“When I think back and let my thoughts wander over the years of my youth, what stands out more for me are the years of war. The 10th of May, 1940, began as a beautiful sunny day, clear skies above, with all the wonderful sights and smells of springtime. I was nine years old, the 5th child in a family of 8. It was that morning, much the same as any other day, just the hustle and bustle of a large family getting ready for the tasks of the day. The only difference was I remember our mother crying. She seldom showed emotion such as this, at least not so openly. In fact, it was the first time I witnessed her crying. This made a lasting impression on me.


Beppe’s Parents!

At the breakfast table, our parents announced our country was at war. The Germans were bombing Rotterdam, half of the city up in flames. For our family devotion that day, father prayed for the safety of the queen and all in authority over us. He earnestly prayed for the young men commissioned to fight this impossible giant.

Then my life, our family’s life, gradually changed. It was good on that beautiful day in May not to know the full extent of the horror this tragic moment in history would bring.”

I love history, but knowing someone who was there for all makes that connection to WWII all the more personal and real. This story was originally supposed to be one blog, but it’s too good to cut that much! Stay tuned for part two next week!

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